Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 31: update on days 26 through 31!!!! (get ready for the pictures!)

My sleepy cat
awaiting new puppy
It's been a busy week!  After a cortisone shot in my carpals, a visit to my PCP and a thumb spica splint, the week has been challenging for crafting.  My right thumb has mostly felt like it's being constantly stabbed with a red hot poker.  Still, it's only a thumb and three out of 206ish bones, so I'm not about to let this sideline my life.  Unless I have an audience, in which case I whine LOUDLY about the pain.  I don't have much room for whining amongst my co-workers, being third down on the whine list behind a fractured humerus and a torn ACL.  But I make it work.

Moogly Blog CAL
I'm house sitting for my parents.  They are currently being tortured by Florida weather.  It made it above freezing today in Central New York; I still haven't heard from my parents if they survived the heat wave or not.  I imagine they are safe; air conditioning is standard south of the Mason Dixon line.

This week has been fairly mild.  I've worked on my 2nd block of my 1st ever crochet along via Moogly Blog.  I don't know what the final size of the blocks will be, so I am glad these blocks have directions for adding rows if necessary.
Pippin passed out under the blanket

I've been crafting on the soft sided waterbed I have affectionately named the chrysalis.  It's so warm and comfy!  Do NOT interrupt my chrysalis time!

I made a blanket for the unofficial mascot of my office, a morkie of a co-worker.  He finally has a name, and it's Baxter.  This is a picture of him sitting on the blanket I made, on my desk.  He's a whopping 2 lbs, 15 ounces.  He's growing out, not up.  He's SOOOOO cute!  I love that he likes his blankie!

This reminds me that I haven't crafted anything tonight.  Time to get crafting!  Yay for remaining resolute!!!

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