Saturday, January 25, 2014

Update: days 21 - 25. A.K.A. what to do when life tries to hijack your resolution.

First, let me say that I have not lost any resolve.

Second, let me say that my body is arguing with me on this point.

I haven't been very kind to my hands this year.  I've made a habit of playing games on Rich's iPad, which has left me with some repetitive motion inflammation in both hands/wrists.  I haven't played on the iPad since Tuesday.  It's Saturday, and they are still fricking hurting like heck!!!

This is my plan.  I downloaded block #2 of MooglyBlog's CAL for 2014.  I have my yarn at the ready.  I am taking NSAIDs twice a day along with avoiding anything which might prolong the irritation due to overuse or improper use.  I am organizing all of my craft supplies as best I can, in preparation for the first inaugural "Let's Get Together & Make Jewelry" party, hosted by me.  I'm planning three baby quilts.

Today I happened to wonder if I need to think about having a baby shower for my baby brother, who is FINALLY pregnant with a boy after ten years and three girls, the youngest being six year old twins.

I will not waiver from 365 in 2014.  I may make adjustments and accept that I may need to alter my plans depending on the circumstance, but I will not give up on my quest.

I plan to work on the 1st crochet afghan square later today if I can do it without aggravating my wrists.  I will continue to post updates.  Wish me luck!!!

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