Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Days 67 to 71: crafting for St. Baldrick's (I need a hat!!!)

I'm shaving my head to benefit research for childhood cancer!

my 'before' picture!
I have a very close friend whose 9 year old son has let his hair grow for several months so he can participate in a St. Baldrick’s event this March 30th.  When I saw he committed to raise $1,000 I thought if he could, then I could do.  So I signed up.
The first week I quipped about it, telling people I spend too much money on hair products, I want to see what my natural hair color is, things like that.
Towards the end of last week, the significance of what I’m doing has really found a place in my heart.
I have close friends & family who have had to say goodbye to children.  Some from cancer, some not from cancer.  Whatever the cause, I know how devastating a serious illness can be for a family, even if there is a happy ending.

 St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy lives.

If my shaving my head by choice helps those who lose their hair by chance, I am not the one making any sacrifice.  I am humbled, hopeful, and above all blessed to have been inspired by a young man and encouraged by God, who has giving me a resounding YES.
My goal is to raise $1,000 in 30 days.  I’m just over 10% there.  If you would like to help join the fight, I encourage you to donate by clicking on the title of this blog post; it will take you to my St. Baldrick’s participant page.  If you are not able to donate financially, I encourage you to find a way in your community to donate your time, your talent, and your heart to help others.  I am happy to say those who choose to help others get such blessings back it’s well worth it.
I would be completely untruthful if I said I'm not happy for a reason to knit and/or crochet a hat for myself.  It's still winter in Central New York, and today is the 21st anniversary of the Blizzard of '93.  We're forecast to receive up to 20 inches of snow in 24 hours.  Oh yeah, the snow is not gone.  Now, on to my favorite patterns!

I would love to know your favorite hat pattern.  I quite honestly welcome any and all donations to this effort.  And, if you feel the urge to knit or crochet something to donate to a local hospital, homeless shelter, or animal shelter I'm %100 behind you!!

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